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  • Review of specifications for proposal requests

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Authorized service provider network for start-up, training and service of equipment

  • Technical support via phone and/or email

  • Retrofit proposals on all industrial valve nest equipment using PLC and HMI controllers, steel and fiberglass non-code or code vessels, Aquamatic diaphragm and butterfly valves systems

  • Online sales brochures, detailed specifications, and drawings

  • Commodity pricing on resin and reverse osmosis membranes

  • Replacement retrofit controller assemblies: Pentair, Clack and Allen Bradley PLC’S

  • Face piping retrofits: galvanized, PVC, copper and stainless steel

  • Non-code and code retrofit pressure tanks: fiberglass, carbon steel and stainless steel

  • Network of service providers ready to commission, train, and service industrial systems

Lakeside Water Treatment Inc.

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Engineering Specifications

See our specs for LWTS, LWT-9000_9500, LWTF , LWTSF, LWF, LWTFF, LWS, LTF4 and FDI.

Pressure Vessels

Code Pressure Vessels Available

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