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Parts Information

Lakeside Water Treatment was founded in 1990 with a desire to lead the industry. We specialize in industrial water treatment equipment and have replacement parts for most water treatment equipment.

Overnight and drop shipments from us and our vendors is available. Please call today for your parts rate.

  • Media
  • Cast iron diaphragm valves
  • Brass diaphragm valves
  • 520 series valves
  • 530 series valves
  • RA & RF repair kits
  • 2001 controller
  • 2001 repair parts
  • 3214 controller and repair parts
  • PLC controller
  • Injectors, eductors, & drain line flow control
  • Handhole & manway gaskets, and cover assemblies
  • PVC and stainless steel strainers
  • Non code, code, and stainless steel tanks
  • Galv. face piping assemblies
  • PVC face piping assemblies
  • Hub and lateral PVC
  • Hub and lateral SS
  • Pressure gauge package, air regulator, huttle valve assemblies
  • Fiberglass non code and code tanks
  • Underdrain assemblies for all tank sizes, both PVC and stainless steel

Lakeside Water Treatment Inc.

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