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Programmable Microprocessor with AQMatic Stager

The Standard Lakeside 2001 Programmable Microprocessor automatically controls the regeneration cycles by utilizing a pilot valve to operate the diaphragm valves. These stagers and valves can be hydraulically or pneumatically operated per your operational requirements. The 2001 microprocessor also features a pre-rinse cycle to prevent hardness leakage at the beginning of the service run on twin alternating systems. Boiler applications that have very critical water quality requirements often request this feature.

  • Lakeside controls include the AquaMatic stager mounted and prewired in a NEMA 4XFG fiberglass-rated enclosure rated115VAC 50/60Hz and 230VAC 50/60Hz.
  • The AquaMatic stager is a high performance rotary pilot valve directing air or fluids to multiple ports, operating various diaphragm or butterfly valves on a water treatment system.
  • AquaMatic stagers are fabricated using durable, non-corroding internal parts that are self-lubricating providing a maintenance-free life.
  • The Lakeside microprocessor electronically monitors water usage and flow when combined with a flow sensor. Time-based and/or external signal initiation is also a standard feature.

Optional Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC Control Packages

PLC control packages come with a 7” color Siemens HMI touch screen and is extremely user-friendly programming.

Lakeside PLC solenoid system features a hold, advance, resume, termination or close of all valves function, for fast, easy field service. The main screen can be designed to display a variety of parameters such as current flow rates, online tank status, regeneration cycle time remaining and remaining gallons of each vessel.

The AB10/100 IP Ethernet Network Connection port is standard for building management capabilities. Custom programming and alternate communication protocols are available.


CompactLogix or ControlLogix are available upon request

Standard Features

  • Up to 15 programmable timed regeneration cycles are available, programmable from 0 to 255 minutes to fine-tune the operation to meet job site requirements.
  • Accepts an input from a variety of flow sensors.
  • Homing operation – The control and stager automatically synchronize to the service position

Optional Features

  • Battery backup (rechargeable) monitors time-of-day and water usage for up to eight hour.
  • A dry or powered contact closure can be provided during a cycle or cycles of operation on all models.

Series 2001 Electronic Cycle Controls
12 x 10 x 6 NEMA 4X Enclosure, 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Other standard controls available upon request

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