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We have thousands of successful industrial applications in the field and maintain a network of service providers ready to commission, train and service Industrial systems.

Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Dealkalizers, Deionizers, Water Filters and more

The Lakeside Advantage

Lakeside’s engineers have the expertise and experience required to solve the most difficult application and control problems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure Water at Low Cost: Reverse osmosis is the most efficient process available to remove dissolved minerals, bacteria, particles and organic impurities from water supplies.

Filtration Systems

Extensive line of high quality, cost effective, pre-engineered filters that provide removal of sediment particles, iron, manganese, chlorine, color, organics, phenols and undesirable taste and odor characteristics.

Water Softener Systems

Increased flow rates and greater treatment capacities can be achieved by banking multiple vessels together uninterrupted softened water.

Experienced water treatment professionals with an inspiration to lead the industry

Custom engineered products for industrial water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ultra-filtration, multimedia filtration, condensate polishers and deionizer equipment is Lakeside’s specialty.

Industries We Serve

Custom engineered products in your industry.

Boilers & Energy

Cooling Towers & Energy

Hospital & Healthcare

Educational Facilities

Industrial Water Processing

Food & Beverage

Hospitality, Resorts & Casinos

Industrial Parts & Retrofits


Case Studies

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Engineering Specifications

See our specs for LWTS, LWT-9000_9500, LWTF , LWTSF, LWF, LWTFF, LWS, LTF4 and FDI.

Pressure Vessels

Code Pressure Vessels Available

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