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Scale Build-up on High Pressure Boiler

Customer’s Problem

A small paper company was using industrial softeners polished by a dealkalizer to reduce the scale build-up in their high pressure boiler system.The municipal feed supply utilized several different wells and switched often or blended a combination, resulting in fluctuating feed water ranging from 500 to 1400 ppm dissolved solids. The system discharged high chloride waste water into the local waste water treatment plant, exceeding the discharge limits. This created expensive disposal expenses…

Lakeside’s Solution and Results

A 252,000 gallon per day industrial reverse osmosis system provided the solution with zero added chlorides in the wastewater. The system was designed utilizing alternating SBS chemical injection system for chlorine removal and alternating antiscalant feed system for hardness removal. These pre-treatment systems prevent fouling and premature failure of the RO membranes.

  • The boiler chemicals were reduced by about 48%
  • Maintenance expenses were dramatically reduced with a blowdown rate of less than 1%
  • Increased the boilers cycles of concentration by over 118%
  • Eliminated the chloride discharge, saving thousands of dollars in fines and disposal expenses
  • The Customer experienced a $58,500 energy savings!

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