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The manufacturing industry has many unique technologies, products and applications using different types of water processing standards. Quality water is one common factor in the manufacturing industry and is an important key factor in consistent profitability. Improving utility water that feeds the boilers, water heaters, chillers and cooling towers is a benefit that decreases capital equipment expenses. Hard water scale (build-up) increases fuel consumption, creates costly blow downs, uses expensive specialty chemicals and shortens life expectancy are just a few of the problems associated with poor water quality. There are many types of machines and equipment used in manufacturing requiring water in the production process or in protection of those capital equipment assets. Plastic injection processing is a lot different from copper wire feed, surface treatment, laser cutting or electronic rinse water manufacturing. These types require a higher water quality for increased equipment and process efficiency.

Typical water problems are:

  • Sediment & Turbidity – small particles
  • Calcium – hard water creating scale build-up
  • Iron- red staining and build-up
  • PH – Corrosion
  • Organics & Inorganics – staining & odors
  • Chlorine – taste, odor, corrosive

Water treatment equipment reduces operating costs, decreases chemicals, soaps and detergents, while extending the equipment life span. Ion exchange, filtration and membrane technology are typically the foundation of a high quality water system. Specific engineered systems are often utilized to reduce or remove organic and inorganic substances found in the feed water. Let Lakeside be your business a partner and help protect your brand name.

Lakeside Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Water Softeners * Reverse Osmosis * Filtration * Dealkalization * Deionizers


  • Improve water quality and energy management
  • Minimize maintenance expenses
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Extend capital equipment life span ( boilers, Chillers and Cooling Towers)
  • Reduce or eliminate specialty chemicals
  • Eliminate scale build-up in boilers, water heaters, cooling towers and piping.



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