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Hospitality, Resorts and Casinos

Hotels, resorts and casinos share two common things, customer satisfaction and quality water. In today’s world with all the pollutants, chemicals and natural impurities thriving in tap water, it is vitally important to ensure proper treatment. Quality water provides guests the luxuries of their own home!

  • Food Service  - Sparkling clean dish and glass ware
  • Laundry – Soft clean linens that last 30% longer
  • Guest Rooms – Soft showers, clean, good tasting drinking water
  • Restaurants – Spot free glass ware and chlorine free drinking water
  • Health Clubs – Soft showers and clean softer linens
  • Beauty Centers – Softer shiner hair and expensive hair permanent last longer  

“All these contribute to guest satisfaction and profitability”

Imagine what your stay would be with spotted glasses and dull dirty dinnerware or how about bad tasting water with odors?

Profitability is the key and can be increased by reducing the operating expenses starting in the boiler room, chillers and cooling towers. Scale build up in equipment creates increased fuel consumption, down time and high maintenance costs. 1/8” of scale reduces efficiency by 18%! Corrosion also shortens the life of equipment creating increased capital expenditures. Proper water treatment can also eliminate or reduce specialty chemical costs.

Water treatment equipment reduces operating costs, decreases chemicals, soaps and detergents, while extending equipment life. Ion exchange, filtration and reverse osmosis are the foundations of quality water.
Let Lakeside be your business a partner and help protect your brand name.

Lakeside Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Water Softeners * Reverse Osmosis * Filtration * Dealkalization * Deionizers


  • Minimize maintenance expenses
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Improve water quality and energy management
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Extend capital equipment life span ( boilers, Chillers and Cooling Towers)
  • Eliminate specialty chemicals
  • Eliminate scale build-up in boilers, water heaters, cooling, piping and dishwashers



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